Jefferson Award: Clinton Vos and Randy Stabe

Jefferson Awards: Clint Vos and Randy Stabe

Each month Siouxland News teams up with Seaboard Triumph Foods to give a local volunteer a Jefferson Award.

This is a special way to recognize people in our community dedicated to public service.

Our own Siouxland News Reporter Jetske Wauran introduces us to two auctioneer talents who have helped raised over 5-million-dollars for the Siouxland Community.

Auctioneering talents for nearly 40 years, Clinton Vos and Randy Stabe are a tag team duo.

"Well we do a lot in the Fall. We do quite a few in the Spring as the various, what we call the auction season,” said Vos.

“Clint and I, we just enjoy it. It's a great cause and we have fun doing it,” said Stabe.

The talents take the stage at dozens and dozens of events every year, helping to raise money for charities across Siouxland.

What's more, this is their 39th consecutive year auctioneering for the Boys and Girls Club of Siouxland.

Randy, even started the Little Pig Auction 20 years ago, an auction that has raised over $38,000 dollars alone.

"About 20 years ago, Randy brought in a small little feeder pig. Maybe as competition to other dogs that are auctioned off and the first year it brought like $600. From there, it's donated. People would buy the pig, donated back. Basically an opportunity to raise cash,” said Stabe.

"We're just basically selling them blue sky, because they buy the pig and then they donate it back and they just keep doing that over and over. They'll be it for a thousand, $1,500 bucks a crack,” said Vos.

Events after events, this duo has auctioneered for other worthy causes like the June E. Nylen Cancer Center, Pink in the Rink, Camp High Hopes, and March of Dimes and many more.

"We truly appreciate doing it. That's our part that we can contribute and give back to the community,” said Vos.

"We're just glad to be part of the Siouxland community and contribute to however we can,” said Stabe.

If you know someone like Clinton and Randy, who's dedicated to public service. You can nominate then and fill out the nomination form under the tab labeled Jefferson Awards.

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