Jefferson Award: Josh Lebowich

Jefferson Award: Josh Lebowich

At first glance, this brick building may seem like any other building, but for dozens of people without a place to stay, this is their shelter: The Warming Shelter.

"We will always have a bunk for you if you need a place to stay. If you need a meal to eat the Soup Kitchen serves every night except Sundays," said Josh Lebowich, a board member for the Warming Shelter.

The building on Nebraska Street is place where many men, women, and children have found refuge in the coldest nights.

Thanks to, Lebowich, a Sioux City Native, many people in the community, not only have a place to sleep, but a place to shower, do laundry, and watch TV too.

"So if you're hungry go to the Soup Kitchen. If you need a place to stay you're always welcome here at the Warming Shelter," said Lebowich.

Lebowich loves helping the community and does all this through volunteering.

"I don't do what I do for me by any means. I do it to help the community. I do it to help the people in need," said Lebowich.

Maureen Haley is a family friend who nominated Lebowich. Haley said what makes this organization unique is they will accept people who aren't accepted into the other shelters.

"This is a different service that is available to people. I know that Josh is always thinking about what more can they do to provide to these people who have nothing and have such a great need," said Haley.

"We've got 25 more bunks to make our occupancy 116. We've got new mattresses and new beds for family rooms so that the kids have bunk beds with new mattresses and the mom or the dad, who ever, also has a twin mattress for themselves," said Lebowich.

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