Jefferson Award: Kristy Tremayne

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Author and playwright Oscar Wilde once said "it was only in the theatre that I lived."

For most people who spend time in the arts, whether it be at center stage or behind the scenes, they would agree with him.

One woman in particular is this month's Jefferson Award winner, and we shine a spotlight on the decades of work she has done to help kids around Siouxland find a deep appreciation for the theater.

Kristy Tremayne says she's a hunter.

"I love to search for things," she said.

And for more than 30 years, she's been searching for more ways to bring the beauty of theater to kids across Siouxland.

"It started when I was young," said Tremayne, "all the way through high school, then on to college."

Originally from Central Nebraska, Tremayne has been teaching theater not only in the midwest, but in California as well.

"I feel like it's my fun time," she said, "it's my hobby, it's not work. It's just something that excites me.

Tremayne has helped with production around town, including at the Community Theater and Shot in the Dark.

Recently, she has been helping teach and work with costumes at South Sioux City High School and Middle School.

"I can get up and go, 'wow, I gotta go in and create that costume' or 'I get to go to rehearsal tonight and work with 35 kids,'" Tremayne said.

"Kristy's middle name is dedication," said John Mangan, who's worked with Kristy since 1990.

He said that dedication is prevalent in any of the work she does, whether it's acting, director, or costume design.

"Her main passions in life are family, number one, and theater," Mangan said. "And that shows."

"I love doing shows that I have a chance to create," said Tremayne, "like with color and fabric."

And even when the lights are off, this thespian shows that her countless hours on the stage... deserve a standing ovation.

"I'm not working," Tremayne said. "I'm tired but I'm not working."

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