Jefferson Award: Laura Anne Cvrk

Jefferson Award: Laura Anne Cvrk

When it comes to helping those in need, Laura "Anne" Cvrk knows best.

"I enjoy doing it. I like helping people out," said Cvrk.

She's the director of the food ministry at Radiant Life Community Church in Sioux City.

"I do the food pantry and I do all the ordering, arrange the volunteers," said Cvrk.

With her willingness to serve the community, Cvrk goes above and beyond to help people who go hungry, or have no meals.

"Anything that has to do with food, if there's a funeral or something like that then I also take care of that stuff," said Cvrk.

She's described as someone who prioritizes the needs of others, providing meals for around a hundred people each night at the church, sometimes even more.

"There have been times that we have 286 people come through on a Thursday night, so lots and lots of people," said Cvrk.

Cvrk said she loves supporting this worthy cause. And because of her efforts and volunteerism for the last six years, the church is able to serve up to 600 people each month. She also helps cook for the Warming Shelter.

"I think that as we're on this journey that that's what it's about, is helping each other out and there's others ahead of us that turn around and help us," said Cvrk.

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