Jefferson Award: Lori Emery

Jefferson Award: Lori Emery

Shooting hoops and shooting for the stars.

For Lori Emery, that's all part of her daily routine.

A former girl scout leader of 23 years, Emery moved with her family from Texas to Iowa.

She had been actively involved with Special Olympics, and in December 2012, she co-founded the Sioux City Knights Special Olympics, a sports organization offering 14 different sports for kids and adults with special needs.

"So we started it, I met another woman who was doing a team of one. Her daughter and her were doing a team of one for bowling and then for basketball skills because there was no one basically there to do anything," said Emery.

They started with only five athletes at the First Lutheran Church gym in Sioux City and by 2013 that number went up to 28.

"And now we have 110 athletes that have particpated in the 3 and a half years with us in one way or another," said Emery.

Emery's daughter Andrea Emery is one of the athletes and says she's proud of her mom.

"I think that's really good," said A. Emery.

Angela Clarey, a volunteer for the organization, said this has been a positive impact for her and her daughter.

"She just an awesome individual because we met probably six years ago when the girls were at East High together and she just has a positive and contagious attitude towards everybody and it's just amazing," said Angela Peterson, volunteer and mother of Desiree Peterson.

"To keep us together as athletes and as friends," said Peterson, a Sioux City Knight athlete.

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