MONEY MATTERS: Advantages of having a will

Money Matters

What are the advantages of having a will?

If you don't have a will a judge will appoint someone to administer your estate. A judge is going to appoint who the guardian may be.

It may or may not be who you want it to be. Also if you've got property and a child most states say half your property is going to go to your spouse and half is going to go to the child.

If you have more then one child then one third property you own will go to your spouse and two thirds to your kids.

A will allows you to fulfill your desires while you're alive.

It allows what you want to happen.

The other thing is if you have young children I don't think it's desirable to leave them with a bunch of assets to minor because then the courts going to appoint a conservatorship and then when they turn age of majority then at 18 its gong to hand them the assets.

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