MONEY MATTERS: Long Range Plans


Looking at long range financial plans:

A lot of the time, people make financial decisions one at a time, at different time of their life, with different advisers and what we like to do is take a holistic look and we organize and coordinate the financial affairs of business owners and professionals. A lot times people will have good intentions, getting planning done but, they never take a holistic look because we tend to deal with what screams the loudest. What might be screaming the loudest might be running your business or taking the kids to soccer or what not. So, what we try to do is help people sit down and look at the big picture and how it all fits together.

What are some of the pieces of that big picture?

Number one, we want to get your legacy planning done. A lot of times, people have not sat down and put together a will. Lets to look at your retirement. Everyone has a different objective. A lot times you get what you want, what would you have. That's a good starting point.

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