Above and Beyond: Amariliz Gonzalez

Above and Beyond: Amariliz Gonzalez

Amariliz Gonzalez is a sophomore at Sioux City North High School. While she admits she is a bit shy, she does not let that affect her involvement in her school community.

She's an avid swimmer, and she has probably been in the water since a young age.

"Ever since I was little, I just loved the water," says Amariliz. "I loved to play in it all the time, whenever I could, and Mom thought it was a good idea to put me in swimming classes."

She is a part of two swimming leagues, and also recently joined the tennis team at North High, something she didn't think she would do.

"If you get more involved and try new things," says Amariliz, "Then you never know, maybe you might like it."

Trying new things is something Amariliz does not shy away from. She volunteers in several areas in her community, including the Siouxland Humane Society. One of her favorite groups has been the Mayor's Youth Commission.

Mayor's Youth Commission is a way to get kids involved with their community. This organization actually played a big role in the idea of Cone Park, hosting fundraisers and other community events.

"We just thought it was a better way to get kids out of the house and be social with their friends and have a fun time!" says Amariliz.

Within the Mayor's Youth Commission, Amariliz works with local government officials to make the community a better place, and is always looking out for other people.

"I know that she has a big heart," says Franzis Rios, sister of Amariliz Gonzalez. "She's very caring, and she always puts people before herself."

"I love to volunteer," says Amariliz. "I love helping out my community and watching it grow. And it's fun seeing everybody around our community come together and just have a fun time."

Amariliz is not completely sure what she wants to do in college yet, but her sister sees her working as a nurse or a social worker, something where she is helping other people.

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