Above and Beyond: Amy Jesse


Amy Jesse is an outstanding high school student who, as an underclassman, took a dwindling high-school club and revived it.

From the day she first walked into Storm Lake High School, Amy Jesse knew she wanted to survive high school and make friends, but also get involved to enhance her high school experience.

"Some of the clubs I was a part of were Key Club, International Club, and Art Club," Jesse said. "My middle school years weren't the greatest, but I thought high school would be a changing point, and it has been a changing point."

Amy served on the leadership board for International Club since her freshman year, and hasn't looked back, now serving as its President.

"When I took over the International Club, it had dwindled so much. Kids just weren't interested. Amy was a freshman who just happened to be in there and she had so many good ideas!" School Counselor Sandy Maow said.

However, Amy noticed something was missing from International Club, something that had been missing for 10 years.

"She had come across the purpose of the International Club, but she's like 'The purpose of the International Club is to have a Diversity Day? We need to do that!'" Maow said.

From that moment, Amy spearheaded the revival of Diversity Day, a day to promote the diversity of Storm Lake High School, something of which Principal Beau Ruleaux is very proud.

"We really showcase and celebrate the diversity that we have here at Storm Lake High School. She's the poster child of what every principal wants in a student leader; she really cares about people, she cares about her fellow students, she's always willing to help out, and she's a visionary," Ruleaux said.

"I think a dead club is a boring club; I want people involved in every way they can," Jesse said. "The best way you can make your high school experience great is by doing something with it."

"She sees a group of people, and she's like 'Oh I think they might like it' and she'll talk to them about it and pretty soon there are more kids coming to International Club," Maow said.

On top of all this, Amy excels in the classroom, taking lots of honors and college-prep courses. Some of her goals include studying sociology in college and working at Disney World, because she wants to make people happy.

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