Above and Beyond: Ann Hunhoff

Meet December's Above and Beyond student: Ann Hunhoff

Every month Morningside College and Siouxland News team up to introduce you to a high school student who has gone "above and beyond."

This month's student is Ann Hunhoff, a senior at Bloomfield High School.

Ann Hunhoff is a well-rounded northeast Nebraska student, but it's the extra things she does in school and in the community that make her stand out and go "above and beyond."

"I am involved with things like one acts, speech, student council, national honor society, band, but my favorite is probably FFA," Ann said.

What is FFA you may ask?

"FFA is an agricultural and leadership organization," Ann explained.

Despite never living on a farm, Ann took it upon herself to learn about the community around her, encouraging other students to do the same.

"You don't necessarily see students going and volunteering all the time," Ann said. "So I think that's a good way to start that."

That giving attitude is something that sets Ann apart. A year ago, she and her mom traveled to Haiti and participated in an immersions trip. This grassroots organization allowed her to meet people and help them grow in their own community.

"There was an orphanage that had nothing to do with the organization, but we all just went down there and we had time where we just got to play with the kids and interact and talk to them. I guess it was a branch out of what we were there to do, but we just got to go be with other people and understand different circumstances."

Ann's mother, Suzanne Hunhoff, was just as excited to share this experience with her daughter.

"Well not only was it wonderful for me individually, being able to do it, but being able to share it with her was just beyond anything I could imagine," Suzanne said.

Her high school principal, Shane Alexander, says this experience was good for her and really helped her grow as a student and as a leader.

"She came and asked permission, can I go, what can I do, and was working with her parents. Her homework was done, and everything was caught up when she got back," Alexander said. "She took that role on herself to make sure that she did everything the way she was supposed to."

As for her parents, they couldn't be more proud of the young woman she has become.

"She's always been a go-getter," Ann's father, Joe Hunhoff, said. "She's always never let anything stop her."

In addition to being involved in F-F-A, Ann is an avid dancer, and has been for a number of years.

If you would like to nominate a student for Above and Beyond, you can go here.

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