Above and Beyond: Becca Roskam

Becca Roskam, a senior at Central Lyon School, is our Above and Beyond student for the month of October

It was one of the first things she joined as a high school student at Central Lyon School, the student council, and Becca Roskam knew she wanted to be a leader.

"It was fun, and I knew I was going to like it, but it was awkward at first because I was a freshman," Becca said. "Actually, one of my best friend's sisters was the president, so that made it a little easier on me."

Becca quickly climbed the ranks, serving as the Student Council secretary her sophomore year, it's vice president junior year, and now serves as the president.

As its president, she has many responsibilities, including giving to others through the school's Backpack Program.

"We will send home two breakfast items, two lunch items, two snack items, a fruit juice, and a piece of fruit each week," Jessica Harman, guidance counselor and moderator of the Student Council, said.

Every week, members of the Student Council and the National Honor Society pack these bags, order the items, and deliver them to needy students, from preschoolers all the way to some of Becca's fellow high school classmates.

"I see the impact it has on little kids, and especially some high-schoolers that come in, and they're like 'Is my bag ready? Can I get it yet?'" Becca said. "It's cool just to see that."

Becca continues to make an impact on those kids in more ways than one.

She also tutors 4th grade students during her free periods at school.

"Well, she's got such a great personality for working with kids that it just comes naturally to her," Dave Ackerman, superintendent and high school principal, said. "She's going to be, in my estimation, she's the kind of kids we hope go into education because she'll be good."

"But I also want to make an impact on their lives, and someday I hope they can come back and talk to me and I can be a comfort zone for them," Becca said.

In addition to being the president of Student Council and tutoring elementary students, Becca is a four sport athlete, competing in volleyball, basketball, track, and softball.

If you would like to nominate a student for Above and Beyond, you can go to this page on our website.

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