Above and Beyond: Ben Jacobsma

Above and Beyond: Ben Jacobsma

Ben Jacobsma is quite the talented young man. As a senior at Sibley-Ocheyeden High School, he participates in plenty of musical activities, including bands, orchestras, and choirs. However, one of his favorites is playing the organ.

"I started playing the piano after my second grade year, and then after taking lessons for a while, my teacher let me at the organ in the church. I kinda taught myself how to do that, and I started playing when I was in sixth grade for church services," says Jacobsma.

Ben grew up in a musical family. Both of his parents are music teachers.

But it isn't just his church he shares his talents with. In fact, he plays music at several churches in Osceola county, something that Pastor Steven Swenson at United Methodist Church appreciates.

"Well, how many high school kids, even when they're in eighth grade, will get up on a Sunday morning, have their parents drive them twelve miles to another church that he's not a part of or belongs to, so he can play music?"says Swenson.

It's a spotlight that Ben is willing to share. In the past few years, he has even performed piano and organ duets with other musicians in town.

"There's just a natural talent with Ben, and he loves to share it. That's the best thing about it is he loves to share his talent. He's so willing," says Cindy Kemp, a local musician, who performed one of these duets with Jacobsma.

"It's a way to help people, and I like to help people," says Jacobsma. "And I like to be able to just have somebody that needs me, and I'll gladly help if they need me."

In addition to his musical talents, Ben also spends time at the local nursing home, playing cards with the residents and even treating them to some music as well.

He plans on attending Dordt College next year, where he plans to pursue further his music education.

If you would like to nominate a student for Above and Beyond, you can find out more information here.

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