Above and Beyond: Carin Mellick

Above and Beyond: Carin Mellick

Every month, Morningside College and Siouxland News team up to introduce you to a high school student who has gone above and beyond.

This month, we introduce to a Ponca High School senior who takes her passion beyond the walls of a classroom.

Meet Carin Mellick, a senior at Ponca High School.

Within school, you will find her heavily involved in music and fine arts.

If she isn't at school, it is most likely for a music competition.

However, it is outside of school where Carin shines, specifically in her 4-H program.

"There's multiple sub-organizations within 4-H. I'm part of the Trailblazers 4-H club, which is centered around Dixon county. I'm also a part of Agricultural Innovators," said Mellick.

It was with this organization where she had the opportunity to go to Washington and then take what she learned back to her community in the form of special projects.

"Last year, I was charged with finding about 75 minority children to teach, mainly from the Hispanic area. Since Ponca doesn't have a lot of that, I had to go outside to find my target audience," she said.

She went out herself, to South Sioux City and Sioux City, to find these children and help them learn.

"I never really thought of myself as an educator. I never really thought of myself as a tutor, someone who goes out and teaches people," Mellick told me.

However, some think otherwise.

"She comes from a family that just has a very solid work ethic, good people who want to help others, and I think Carin has grown up in that, and so she epitomizes the type of students we have here at school," said guidance counselor Fran Hassler.

Her work ethic is rock-solid.

She has a dream of being a veterinary surgeon, specializing in small animals and exotics.

However, she doesn't let the walls of Ponca stop her form reaching her dream.

"I've been watching documentaries and educating myself outside the school atmosphere to make that dream come true," Mellick said.

Carin will be attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the fall, and has been accepted into their honors and pre-vet programs.

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