Above and Beyond: Gabriella Gigaroa

Gabriella Gigaroa

Gabriella Gigaroa works two part-time jobs, plays softball, and she's in the Reserve Officers' Training Program. These are just a few roles that 16-year-old Gigoroa juggles every day. And that's why she's this month's above and beyond winner.

The North High School sophomore says she's pretty soft-spoken, but when it comes to art, she knows how to turn up the volume.

"It empties my mind and I don't have to think about anything," said Gigaroa.

Gabriella was recently awarded the "Art Student of the Month" for her artwork.

"I decided to combine two pictures. I wanted the moon in the back, and I also wanted the trees and the snow because

it's winter," said Gigaroa.

Jean Farrell, an art teacher for the last 44 years, describes Gabriella as a go-getter, a self-starter and that her positive impact goes beyond the classroom.

"Once a lesson is presented to her, she will take and make it her own," said Farrell.

The talented 16-year-old student says her two passions are art and softball.

"Yes, I'm in softball. I'm in fast-pitch and slow-pitch," said Gigaroa.

With a track record like Gabriella's, it's easy to see why many see that she goes

above and beyond.

"I see anyone who's motivated and open-minded to different things, will be a success in their lives, and I feel that Gabriella

is that person," said Farrell.

"And I also want to be a regular veterinarian and go into the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps," said Gigaroa.

And before joining the U.S. Army Corps, she plans to attend Western Iowa Tech Community College.

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