Above and Beyond: Jacob Vos


For 12th-grader Jacob Vos, school is second nature.

"Normally start at school at 6 a.m. actually getting the show ready to go," said Vos.

Many describe this Spirit Lake High School senior, as a go-getter, a leader and positive role model to his peers.

"I'm just super proud of his achievements that he's been able to produce at Spirit Lake High School and in the community," said Natasha Nelson, a counselor at SLHS.

"He's just an all-around leader and he's going to be one of those students that we hope younger kids have looked up to," said Angela Olsen, principal at SLHS.

Going above and beyond, Jacob, loves to reach his goals in the classroom, and in the field. He's also a soccer player, student council's class president, and a broadcaster.

"And I also do the weather forecast every day. So I'm behind the green screen giving you your weather forecast for the day and I actually get that ready in the morning," said Vos.

"We've got high near 40 degrees today and high near 20s tonight so it's going to be pretty cool tonight and some snow chances later this week," said Vos.

And in February 2015, he and his classmates, broke the Guinness World Record for the longest uninterrupted live webcast.totaling 43 hours.

"He'll be successful in whatever he chooses to do. He's just one of those types of people that sets a goal and he will not stop until he gets it," said Kim Sierck, a teacher at SLHS.

As for the future, Vos said, "I really want to make it a better program for everyone for years to come and make the school better for years to come and hoping I'm doing that."

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