Above and Beyond: Kevin Hernandez

Above and Beyond: Kevin Hernandez

"I remember being a freshman and looking up to my president and thinking 'Man, this guy, I'm going to be that guy'," said senior Kevin Hernandez.

And little did Kevin Hernandez know that three years later, he would hold the same position.

A senior at Sioux City East High School, Kevin has not always had an interest in student government and politics.

Early on in high school, he wanted to be a doctor.

One specific class changed his mind.

"It was Issues in Health and Society, which was basically a debate class in which we debated health topics. I realized I didn't so much like the health aspect of it, but the debate part of it," said Hernandez.

From there, Kevin pursued that interest, participating in Boy's State and Boy's Nation, programs that teach high school students about government and how it works.

It is often called the week that shapes a lifetime.

"We learned the procedures of the senate and how to move a bill and how committees work. I had a bill I had to draft, and it was killed in committee. It was actually killed in my committee," said Hernandez.

Kevin even ran for the position of State Attorney General while at Boy's State.

He took that experience back to East High this year, pursuing the position as student council president.

"These people are passionate about the school and they have school spirit. I think it's really cool to be in a room of people who have the same thought process about school," Hernandez said.

As acting president, Kevin enjoys working with all the students, from freshmen through seniors, giving them a voice in what happens at the school.

"Kevin has the world at his feet right now. He's just about to begin life and I think he can do whatever he wants to do and go wherever he wants to go," said student council adviser Michelle Pick.

Kevin was nominated as Homecoming King of East High just a few weeks ago.

He plans on studying political science and international relations next year, where he eventually wants to be an attorney.

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