Above and Beyond: Marah Burkhart

Marah Burkhart spends a lot of time doing activities in school, but it's what she does outside of school that takes her above and beyond in her community.

Marah Burkhart is a senior at East High School in Sioux City.

While being an avid scholar and athlete, she devotes a lot of her time to organizations at East High, like Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which is a youth-group ministry found across the country.

"I had heard of it, and I wasn't so quite sure about it, but once I got involved more here at Sunnybrook, I thought, 'Hey, why not try out Fellowship of Christian Athletes and see what it's like,' " Marah said.

Her Fellowship of Christian Athletes advisor, Jeff Jepsen, says that Marah is a leader within F-C-A, helping to grow membership.

"It takes a voice to invite someone to come in, and she's been great. She has great relationships with those students who come in," Jepsen said.

While not in school, Marah devotes a lot of her time working behind the scenes at Sunnybrook Community Church.

"Some of my neighbors had invited me to come here, and I came here one day, and I realized this is actually a pretty cool church, and I want to get involved," Marah said.

And that she does.

During Christmas time, Marah had the opportunity to work behind the scenes at The Orpheum in downtown Sioux City during their Christmas Eve services.

She says the experience was a great one, despite the pressure laid on her.

"If you make one mistake, it's projected all over. People can see it in here, people can see it online, so you always want to be on your A-game basically, to make sure it looks good," Marah said.

"She's a very hard worker, she's very disciplined, she has great personality skills, she gets along with everybody, and she just really really works hard at what she does," Jepsen said.

After graduation, Marah wants to join the Air Force, just like members of her family before her.

To nominate someone for Above and Beyond, you can go here to submit an application.

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