Above and Beyond: Meredith Lammers

Above and Beyond: Meredith Lammers

For Meredith Lammers, a senior at Dakota Valley High School, being a part of a team is something she has always known.

Her talents on the court were shown on Dakota Valley's varsity volleyball team for four years, serving as co-captain her senior year. She also plays in a club volleyball league, where her team recently qualified for the national tournament in California.

"I like the teamwork," says Meredith. "I would hope that my confidence on the court brushed off on them so that they could start a new era of Dakota Valley volleyball since we are losing so many seniors this year."

Meredith's hard work earned her and her team a large amount of success at Dakota Valley. But there is another appointment that stands out for her.

It was a phone call from South Dakota's US Senator Mike Rounds that provided her with the big news.

"He says 'The Naval Academy just informed me that they would like to offer you a fully qualified appointment to the Naval Academy'. I will remember that phone call for the rest of my life," says Meredith.

Meredith said the application took months to complete, but feels confident her roles in sports, school organizations like HOSA and Band, and community involvement make her a qualified candidate for the future ahead.

"You're leading people as soon as you graduate, so leading people here will help me to lead people after I graduate," says Meredith.

When Meredith graduates from the Naval Academy, she will be a commissioned officer in the Navy.

"It's crazy to think that some girl from South Dakota, this little town in South Dakota, is going to be representing South Dakota at the Naval Academy," explains Meredith.

And she already has the school spirit down.

"Go Navy! Beat Army!" Meredith says.

Meredith is considering trying out for the volleyball team at the US Naval Academy when she starts in just a few months.

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