Above and Beyond: Mitchael Sieh

Above and Beyond Mitchell Sieh

Stanton High School Senior Mitchael Sieh is a go-getter.

"I do three sports each year, which is football, basketball. I did track and I'm doing golf this year," said Sieh.

He's involved in a variety of activities from leading the National Honor Society as Vice President to leading the school as Class President.

"Mostly the work ethic that he has. I'm always impressed that he's on top of things. Very organized and willing to go the extra mile to make his work and what he does the best," said Kim Waddington, English teacher at Stanton High School.

This 4.0 student is also an all-star basketball champ and he was team captain varsity football team.

"A very high achieving student, motivated at an early age. Expectations for himself were set, then," said David Stoddard, activities director.

Sieh said he already knows his plans after high school.

"I volunteered for youth football, youth basketball reffing. I actually helped coach the youth basketball this year. That was really fun," said Sieh.

Currently in calculus, Sieh said mathematics comes easily to him.

"I do my math homework every night. I love it," said Sieh.

His teachers describe him as a positive role model on and off campus, going above and beyond, not only at Stanton High, but in the community.

"When he's asked to volunteer in the community, he's the first one to stand up and you know whether it's youth basketball or football," said Stoddard.

"He's been in community service projects, he's helped with different things we've done over the number of years and good kid," said Russell Johnson, head of operations.

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