Above and Beyond: Nichole Dial

Nichole Dial took a natural disaster hundreds of miles away and used it as an opportunity to give back to her community

"I can be very personable with people, and, you know, kindness goes a very long way," says Nichole Dial, a senior at Dakota Valley High School in North Sioux City.

Those around her say she has a bright personality, but it is the kindness of her heart that shines brighter.

Nichole is heavily involved with HOSA, a healthcare occupation group that strives for quality health care of all people.

For one week at Dakota Valley, she and other members sponsored events to promote awareness of the organization and of people in need.

"There's always going to be people who are sick and who are going to need help," says Nichole. "To me, I'd always be willing to be that help."

To Nichole, helping those in need is an action that does not stay confined to Siouxland.

Back in September Nichole had the opportunity to travel down to Texas and help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"She heard about this opportunity with her dad's work, and the first question she asked was 'Can I go down to Texas with you? I don't care if I miss school. I'll do whatever I need to. I'd like to go help," says Heather Welch, counselor at Dakota Valley High School.

While working outside of Houston, she and her entire group distributed food to those recovering, and Nichole says the experience was very humbling.

"Just from seeing on the news the devastation that those people went through. They don't have their ovens. They don't have their refrigerators. They have no way to keep food in their house," says Nichole. "So, me being able to supply a hamburger, it was simple, but I knew it meant a lot to them."

"She didn't miss a beat to say 'I'm going to do this and I want to have this experience'," says Welch.

Nichole plans on pursuing a future career in the medical field, just like her mom, who's a nurse.

If you would like to nominate a student for Above and Beyond, you can submit an application here.

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