Depending on your age, this sound brings back lots of memories.

For Cherokee-Washington High School senior Olivia Dagel, it's a sound she's known nearly half her life.

"I took a quilting class here at the quilt store when I was nine, and I've been sewing ever since," she said.

Quilts, bags, scarves and place-mats, Olivia does it all.

But she doesn't keep her passion to herself.

At Quilt N' Kaboodle in Cherokee, she teaches the same lessons to little girls every summer.

"And I got to teach them how to sew, so it was really fun for me to be like 'Wow, this is the age when I started sewing, so I want to give them a good experience," she said.

"They love having her here. They really like it. And I can just leave Olivia with the class and I can go wait on other customers and do my own thing," said co-owner Kim Barrett.

In addition to teaching these girls to sew, Olivia, also serves as a basketball coach to some of them, along with her teammates.

From running a basketball team to a sewing machine, Olivia is a great role model for young girls in her community.

"These girls, they just look up to you, and they just think we're superstars. Not only does it motivate the little girls, but it motivates us to do better and love what we do even more," Dagel said.

In addition to basketball, Olivia participates in three other sports.

She plans on attending the University of South Dakota next year, where she will be a member of the track and field team.

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