Above and Beyond: Payton Beaumier

Above and Beyond: Payton Beaumier

Payton Beaumier is no stranger at Sioux City West High School. Everyone seems to know her.

She serves as a mentor to the freshmen class, the cheer captain during football season, and also the Student Council president, which is how most people recognize her. Student Council is also where she grew her roots.

"I don't think without giving me that basis, because I started my freshman year, that I would have been able to do more in the community and on the state level as well," recalls Beaumier.

Payton spent six years as a member of the Mayor's Youth Commission in Sioux City, serving on the executive council for two years.

She is also a part of the state of Iowa Youth Advisory Council, where she and nearly two dozen other students wrote and proposed legislation to the state.

"At West, we have the mentors in violence prevention program, so we teach our freshmen about that, but not every school has that," says Beaumier. "So that bill would have been a way to implement that in a classroom setting."

While the bill died last year, Payton is planning on reviving it.

Payton is also responsible for founding a group called Siouxland Teens Against Human Trafficking, which aims to teach students about human trafficking and what signs to look for.

Within this group, students teach their peers, rather than teachers or other adults.

"If it's a kid, they are saying 'No, this is a real issue. We want you guys to know about it. We want you to be prepared. And we want you to take action for yourself.'" says Beaumier.

It is this passion of giving everyone a voice that makes Payton stand out in her school and local community.

Payton will attend George Washington University in the nation's capitol this fall, where she will pursue her passion of international affairs.

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