Above and Beyond: Tessa Burg

Tessa Burg, always had an ear for the arts.

Tessa Burg, a sophomore at MOC Floyd Valley High School, has always had an ear for the arts.

A musician playing electric bass, upright bass, piano, and also drums.

She's even a singer too.

Tessa takes this passion for the arts and uses it in her community, her favorite instance was during the Orange City Tulip Festival.

She has frequently previously performed with her high school music groups, but this year she is excited for another opportunity: The Night Show.

"We do a musical every single year. Last year it was Shrek The Musical, and this year it is Beauty and the Beast, which is definitely a favorite. And I have already seen a high school performance of it and it is very fun."

Her ear for the arts does not stop there. While most students in high school take Spanish classes, or even French, Tessa is studying Japanese.

"I've been interested in the culture for a while. We've had host students from Japan, and other countries like Kazakhstan and Holland, but the Japanese ones, they talked about their language and their culture and the places they live, and I wanted to go there and study, which I'm going to do!"

In fact, this coming summer, Tessa will spend three weeks in Japan in an immersions program, taking classes and living with a host family.

"I wanted to learn the language before I went because I knew I was probably going to end up going in high school or college."

It's that dedication and drive that allows her dreams to soar, even to other countries.

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