Accessing ICE contacts from locked phone

How to contact people from a locked phone

Many people keep their cell phone locked for safety reasons. But, at times, information may need to be gathered, especially in an emergency.

"Cell phone technology provides these wonderful opportunities to be able to put in information where we can find contact information so that we can contact their loved ones, even when their cell phone is locked," says Pastor Anna Speiser, Spiritual Care Chaplain at Mercy Medical Center.

There is some prep work that goes into this feature.

For instance, in an iPhone, the easiest way to access this is through the Health app. From there, you can enter medical information about yourself, and you can also input contacts of family or friends in case of an emergency.

"When I come to my lock screen, I have 'Emergency' here, and I simply push 'Emergency'. Here it gives me an opportunity to make any call I want," says Speiser. "But down here is Medical I-D. Someone from the medical staff can access it."

Pastor Speiser's job is to attempt to make contact with family and friends after someone comes to the emergency room, and this feature is something that saves a critical amount of time.

"People would like their loved ones to be with them while they are here in the hospital and in the emergency room," says Speiser. "The loved ones would like to know what is happening and support the person, and then loved ones can provide a lot of medical information that could be really helpful to their care."

In addition to this feature, Pastor Speiser recommends having at least two phone numbers memorized, if you do not have your cell phone with you at the hospital and can communicate with the medical staff.

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