Are exercise resolutions meant for children?

Are exercise resolutions meant for children?

We all know exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle, and many people use the new year as an incentive to resolve to make important lifestyle changes.

"If you do make a new year's resolution, make sure you are making a plan to accompany that: how are you going to accomplish your goal in the short term, and what is your long term goal with that plan?" says Erica Bonstead, wellness specialist with Mercy Business Health.

But what about our kids? Should they be making resolutions to be more fit and workout?

Experts say, not exactly in the same way as adults do.

"Just incorporating more activity and centering their activity around play and fun, and not making it so serious," suggests Bonstead.

Children should get one hour of physical activity a day, and Erica Bonstead says it does not have to be all at once and can be spread out during the day.

While it is more difficult during the winter to get that exercise, activities like indoor soccer and swimming, are great examples of fun ways for our kids to get that exercise.

"We really need to keep our kids moving to prevent childhood obesity. According to the CDC, one in five kids are obese, so that continues to be on the rise," says Bonstead. "We really need to keep our kids moving in order to prevent childhood obesity because that can lead to other diseases along the way."

Just remember, it is important for parents to be the example for their kids and make those lifestyle changes to a healthier lifestyle.

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