Benefits of low-impact workouts

It's a topic heard several times throughout a gym: what exactly makes a workout "good"?

"People think, 'Well, if I am not sweating heavy or breathing heavy, then I'm not getting a good workout.' And that's not necessarily true," says Natalie Olorundami Hughes.

Hughes is a wellness specialist with Mercy Medical Center, and she says that people receive the same benefit by engaging in low-impact workouts.

But what is a low-impact workout?

"Essentially, it's trying to work at a lower impact than normal or keeping your heart rate at a certain level, and just taking it a little more easy on your body than what you normally would," says Hughes.

While high-impact or intense workouts are not a bad thing, Hughes says it is all about a balance between the two and knowing what works for your body specifically.

Many people are intimidated by exercise. But low impact workouts can include day to day activities, like walking, or even other fun activities like biking, aqua aerobics, and even Zumba.

"If something feels like a chore, or it is not enjoyable, you are not going to stay at it for a very long period of time," says Hughes. "So you definitely want to find something that you enjoy and that makes you excited about what you are doing."

At the end of the day, any amount of exercise is going to be beneficial than getting none.

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