Best practices for battling depression

Eliminating depression without medicine

In our society we are constantly moving and going from place to place. We do not have a lot of time to just step back and look at what we need.

That constant motion can lead to stress and even depression. However, that depression can be alleviated.

"There's so many different things that we can do, but yet it requires a little bit of our time!" explains Natalie Olorundami Hughes, wellness specialist with Mercy Medical Center.

We may not have the time, or we may not think we have the time, but one of the easiest ways to relax is to just breathe.

"You can do that at your desk. You can do that in your car," says Hughes. "You can do that anywhere!"

Many people also use exercise to alleviate depression.

"People say 'Exercise is my drug or is my medicine!' and I think there's so much truth to that," says Hughes.

However. Hughes warns to not let the exercise consume us. It is okay if we do not exercise every single day. She suggests doing what feels right for our body.

Lastly, and importantly, sleep can alleviate depression as well.

Eight hours of sleep is recommended, but that is not always achievable for everyone.

"People work crazy hours, so however you can get your sleep in and make you feel like you had a good sleep, that's what you need to do," says Hughes. "So maybe you break that up during the day, or maybe you need a quick nap here and there."

Finally, Hughes reminds us that it is important to seek out help when we need it.

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