Body analysis... but with more precision

InBody Body Analysis and the numbers it produces

We all know there are several ways to measure the make-up of our body.

The most popular are using scales and body mass index, or BMI, calculations.

But did you know there is a machine out there that does a much better job at measuring those numbers?

"The standard machines are just going to give you a BMI and a body fat percent," says Natalie Olorundami Hughes, wellness specialist with Mercy Medical Center. "This one is going to give you a bigger detailed work-up."

This is the InBody Body Analysis machine, and, like other machines, calculates weight and BMI, but it also calculates body fat makeup, muscle distribution, water makeup, and other good numbers.

It's also pretty simple to use!

"All the participant has to do is take off their shoes and socks, and they will stand on the machine, and there is a slow, safe current that goes through the body from the feet to the hands, and that's pretty much it," says Hughes.

Anyone can use this machine, except those who are pregnant or have a pacemaker. Users do have to fast beforehand, and drink only water, so the results are more accurate. It is also recommended to take the test prior to exercising for the day.

Those in the medical community see a spike in popularity as people become more aware of what good fitness is.

"This is really becoming more popular because people are understanding that it matters, and to have accurate numbers is the best way to build a routine or to build a plan," says Hughes.

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