Can your diet lead to depression?

Can your diet lead to depression?

In an effort to either lose weight or make a lifestyle change, a lot of people turn to dieting. But what if that diet makes you depressed?

Food is extremely important in our daily lives. In addition to fulfilling the hunger from our bodies, it fulfills what our brain needs, too.

"Different types of foods that you eat are going to play a key role in affecting just some of the brain and how your body feels," says Natalie Olorundami Hughes, Wellness Specialist with Mercy Medical Center.

The foods we eat affect the levels of serotonin in our brains. Sugary, fatty foods are going to affect our mood in a more negative way, because they lack the nutrients we need.

In an effort to promote a healthier lifestyle, many turn to dieting. While that diet may sound like a good idea on the outside, in actuality, that diet can lead to depression.

"When people are on these diets, these hard core diets, they're depriving themselves of stuff that they want, and that's not fun either, and that's not a lifestyle that you can do long term," says Hughes.

Watching the food we eat is important, but research shows we don't have to give up the sweets entirely.

"If you want that sugary snack or that birthday cake, that's okay in moderation," says Hughes.

If your diet does not make you happy, you are not going to maintain it.

And it's important to look long term when it comes to those diets and that healthy lifestyle.

So whatever you choose to do, find something that works for you and makes you happy.

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