Coffee vs. Tea: which is better for you?

Do you find yourself reaching for a morning cup o' joe or an afternoon cup of tea?

Whichever side of the fence you find yourself, both coffee and tea offer some health benefits.

"Both coffee and tea contain caffeine, they contain antioxidants, and they contain polyphenols, too," said Stephanie Small, Clinical Dietitian with Mercy Medical Center.

But how do these nutrients benefit our bodies?

"The antioxidants in the coffee and tea... that might help limit cell damage might then lead to decreased risk of things like cancers," Small said. "Polyphenols found in both coffee and tea can potentially help decrease blood pressure."

It is often found that people prefer one or the other due to the effects of that drink on the body.

"Coffee is known to be the pick me up kind of beverage, and then teas on the other hand are kind of known to be the soothing, relaxing, wind-down kind of drink," said Small.

Whatever your fancy, it is important to note... de-caffeinated coffee and tea are not actually *caffeine free*, according to Small.

"Decaf coffee has significantly less caffeine than regular coffee. It still does offer similar benefits as regular coffee when you are talking about the antioxidants and polyphenolys," said Small.

Small affirms that you won't be lacking nutrients if you choose decaf over regular.

"By choosing decaf, you're not going to be missing out on any significant health benefit," said Small.

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