Comfort and Joy drive helps local children in need

New drive brings comfort to children who need help.

Many times when children need help, parents know what to do. But when it comes to a serious trauma, they may need a little extra help from places like the Mercy Child Advocacy Center.

"Think about a kid going through trauma," says Susan Fey, president of the Mercy Auxiliary. "It's just one way to make them feel special and that we are taking care of them."

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, a group at the center called Angels in Blue is sponsoring a "Comfort and Joy" drive through the month of December.

"We're trying to get organizations, businesses, groups of any kind, to bring in stuffed animals that are new and unused to replenish their stock," says Fey.

Here's how it works. You place a box at your workplace or organization, asking people to donate stuffed animals, new and with tags. After a specified amount of days or weeks, someone from the Mercy Child Advocacy Center will come pick up the box and take the stuffed animals back to the center. They are then immediately placed on the shelf for children dealing with any trauma.

"It's a very traumatic time for them, for the families, for their caregivers, and for anyone working with the families, so the stuffed animal is there to give them a piece of comfort as they are leaving," says Fey.

Fey has worked with the center for some time, and has already seen the benefits of this program and how it helps families in need.

"I'm a mom, and thinking of any child going through something traumatic such as this and coming to the center, I just feel like anything to protect a child and help a child... that's why our group wants to do that," says Fey.

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