Dangers of loud noises

    Do you know the dangers of loud noises?

    "It's one of the senses we use every day," says Deb Twyford, RN/Worksite Wellness Coordinator with Mercy Business Health. "Just imagine a day where you didn't hear anything!"

    We take hearing, just like other senses of sight, taste, touch, and smell, for granted sometimes.

    But constant exposure to loud noises can cause problems.

    "Sound is measured in decibels, and when we get above 85 decibels, that can cause damage to our hearing," says Twyford.

    Much of our exposure to loud noise comes from sirens, machines, mowing, and also music.

    "You can also experience hearing loss when you have an explosion," says Twyford. "That can just be one loud impulse and that can do damage."

    Twyford says the best way to combat hearing loss when it comes to music is simply turning the volume down, whether that sound is coming from headphones or car speakers.

    She also recommends being careful at concerts, especially with children.

    "You're gonna need your hearing for the rest of your life," says Twyford. "You will really value good hearing as you age."

    The first thing you might want to do if you aren't hearing well is to talk to your physician. There may just be a build-up of ear wax.

    If the problem is larger, your physician may send you for a hearing test and go from there.

    "It's very important and you just wouldn't feel the same if you couldn't hear as well," says Twyford.

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