Exercises to relieve back pain

Do you know how to relieve back pain by exercise?

As the connecting point from head to toe, the back is a significant part of our bodies.

And when they hurt, it makes things significantly more difficult.

"I think people take their back health for granted until they have an incident in which they injure their back and then you realize how challenging it can be to have back pain and just continue to do your activities of daily living," says Erika Bonstead, physical therapist for Mercy Medical Center.

First of all, it is important to figure out the source of the pain and whether it is acute pain or chronic pain.

Luckily, for acute pain, there are several exercises that can be done to help alleviate that pain.

"For starters, I like to do some back extentions. You are just lying on your stomach. You are going to press up using your arms and just kinda allow your back to curve and your abdomen to settle into the floor. Then stretching the hamstrings so the back of your thighs and the front of your hips and doing some rotations of your legs in a bent position that just allows your lower back to loosen up," says Bonstead.

In addition to building back strength, core strength is super important as well.

"Your abdominal muscles and your back muscles actually work to sandwich your spine and to give you the support you need," says Bonstead.

Bonstead also recommends walking to help relieve back pain and strengthen the back in the process.

"It doesn't have to be fast-paced," says Bonstead. "You don't have to walk uphill. It does not have to be strenuous, but just leisurely walking can be really really helpful to back pain."

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