Keeping our kids safe during summertime

Do you know some of the most important steps to take to protect our kids?

Summertime: it is what our kids look forward to the most at the end of the school year.

It is time for some fun outdoors!

But, while summer is fun, it can also be dangerous for our kids, and we need to make sure they stay safe.

"You want to keep track of where they are at," says Dr. Joe Liewer, Emergency Physician at Mercy Medical Center. "If they are running around the neighborhood, you want to make sure they are not out in the streets or in more congested areas."

The most important thing to remember is sunblock. Doctors recommend frequent re-application to beat the heat.

"Depending on if they are out for an extended period of time or going in and out of the water, you'll probably want to reapply it every twenty to thirty minutes or at least every hour," says Liewer.

On the topic of sunshine, keeping kids hydrated is also important.

"You can get behind the eight ball pretty quickly if you're out for hours playing either soccer, softball, or baseball," says Liewer.

Water is the best way to stay hydrated, but Gatorade or other sports drinks will help, especially for our active kids.

One of the best ways to keep cool in the summertime is to go swimming. But all too common, accidents can happen in seconds.

"It can just be a few moments where you lose track of the child in the water, and you could be in trouble," says Liewer.

With all that in mind, just remember to enjoy the short time of summer before the seasons change again.

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