Local nurse practitioner carries a history of service

Local nurse practitioner helps children in Tanzania

Jennifer Milby began working at the Akron Mercy Medical Clinic as a Family Nurse Practitioner about one month ago. Prior to that, she worked in Sioux City, but looks forward to serving rural northwest Iowa.

"I think you just get to know people a lot more intimately," says Milby. "Everybody knows everybody, but it seems like you have more time to get to know your patients."

Serving others is something Milby is quite familiar with. Back in May, she went on a mission trip to Tanzania.

"I went because I felt like I was losing my own faith and I needed a boost," says Milby. "I thought what better way to do that than a mission trip."

Little did she know that she would play a major role in saving the lives of three children in a major bus crash.

"Everything fell into place that day with the kids and how we ended up at the scene and we weren't supposed to be on safari that day or be in that area," says Milby.

Milby worked tirelessly to get the children healthy again, which included getting them here to Siouxland.

"Getting to be involved in having the kids come back to the United States was nothing short of a miracle," says Milby. "To take such a tragic event and be able to find the good in it, I think, promoted a lot of growth in me, and it makes me want to continue to grow, and I look forward to hopefully going back every year."

Milby is using this experience to better serve her patients in more ways than she though possible.

"Emotionally, I was able to find ways to connect with people that maybe I wasn't quite sure of myself before," says Milby.

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