Mercy Weigh Clinic: a one-stop shop for mothers

Mercy Weigh Clinic offers mothers what they need.

Life is so much easier, especially for new parents, when there is one place to get all questions answered, as well as checking up on the health of their newborn baby.

That is why Mercy Medical Center offers a weigh clinic, a place where mothers can go and check the weight and health of their baby.

But also an easy way to ask any questions and to get reassurance they are doing the right thing.

"It's free. There's no charge. There's no appointments. It's a very easy thing to do," says Mary Fuxa, RN on the OB floor of Mercy Medical Center.

According to Fuxa you did not have to deliver your baby at Mercy Medical Center to utilize the services.

"You are more than welcome if our schedule works with yours," says Fuxa. "You are more than welcome to stop up if you want some more information or some help with problems you may be having."

This clinic is offered Wednesdays from 2:00-6:00PM.

One of the benefits of coming at a specified time is that there are often other parents around.

"Sometimes it's nice to compare stories, hear how things are going for them," says Fuxa. "It's also like a community support for them."

Fuxa says her staff enjoy having the families come back so they can see the babies and how much they have grown.

But in the end, it's all about caring for the newborns and the families.

"Their lives are constantly changing and if we can help to make that go really smoothly, that's what it's all about," says Fuxa.

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