Warnings about e-cigarettes

    Warnings about e-cigarettes

    We frequently see it while walking around town, people smoking a cigarette.

    What used to be a traditional cigarette in hand has switched to an electronic cigarette.

    Many people also switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes in an effort to quit.

    For some, that may be effective in quitting but others end up using both.

    "They are pretty much going to be hooked for life unless they somehow quit."

    It isn't just those using the e-cigarettes that experience health problems.

    Deb Twyford is a tobacco cessation facilitator at Mercy hospital and says, "The aerosol the e-cigarettes put out, there are some harmful chemicals in there, and someone who is breathing those who isn't smoking it can be affected by those chemicals."

    Twyford says to watch out for our children, too, because e-cigarettes are finding their way into schools, due to how easy they are to hide.

    She adds, "They are very popular with the middle school and high school students unfortunately. A lot of that has to do with the flavoring."

    E-cigarettes do not taste like regular cigarettes. However, the nicotine is just as addictive.

    In the end the best advice is, "The best thing to do is don't start. Don't start smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes."

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