Siouxland Birth Expo to celebrate birthday

Siouxland Birth Expo turns 2 this Saturday.

Shannon Patton, the Community Health Education Coordinator for Mercy Medical Center, says it best. "If we can support our young families, that's important to our children, and that creates a better community for all of us," Patton says.

And that is why Mercy Medical Center established the Siouxland Birth Expo in 2016, a place where people can come and gain valuable information about caring for the little ones.

"You don't have to necessarily be pregnant or just had a baby to come," Patton says. "Anyone can come, so young families, grandparents, friends that want to support those who are going through this change."

The second annual Siouxland Birth Expo on October 28, 2017 will provide many resources for attendees, including presentations by local pediatricians, CPR training, lessons in how to secure a baby in a car seat, and sibling rooms for soon-to-be big brothers and big sisters, which teaches the kids valuable lessons.

"We talk a lot about feelings," Patton says. "There's different feelings that are going to evolve when the new little brother or little sister come into the house, and those feelings are normal, so it helps to bring the family together."

This birth expo gives families the opportunity to ask any and all questions they have, at a time when life is not as fast-paced.

"We don't get that education until we are actually in the hospital, and at that point, we are just really tired," Patton says. "It's a great way to learn from professionals, a free way, to get that one on one time."

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