The safety of energy drinks

Do you know what is in your energy drink?

Sometimes, that cup o' joe isn't enough to keep us going during the day.

To combat that, some turn to energy drinks.

While that reboot may be just what we need, it may not be exactly safe for our body.

"Different energy drinks will have different levels of caffeine," says Dr. Jerome Pierson, cardiologist at Mercy Medical Center. "They will also have different agents in them as well."

Those agents include herbs, vitamins, and amino acids, and the amount of these very from drink to drink.

Therefore. not all energy drinks are the same, and different drinks affect us in different ways.

Some may get very shaky and anxious, others may see their heart rate really pick up. Others may see even worse conditions.

"They have been known to cause sudden cardiac death, cause dissections of the aorta, cause seizures, all these sort of things usually come as a result of having the high energy drink, the high caffeine, the high sugar of these energy drinks," says Pierson.

If energy drinks are something we tend to always reach for, kicking the habit may be quite difficult.

"A lot of people who will get headaches if they stop drinking caffeine," says Pierson. "Those people are probably sensitive or they have been using a lot of caffeine over a period of time."

Doctor Pierson recommends if you want to cut back on caffeine, you should do it gradually and not all at once.

So, to answer the question, are energy drinks safe?

"In small quantities," says Pierson, "They are probably safe, yes."

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