18 dogs from a Texas shelter looking for a new home here in Siouxland

18 dogs from a Texas shelter

The Sioux City Humane Society welcomed home eighteen dogs and puppies from Texas today.

"We help shelters that are overwhelmed and overloaded," says volunteer manager Kelly Erie.

This is all because of their partnership with different shelters and rescue groups.

"Within Texas, Louisiana and Illinois. When they become crowded which right now they really are with dogs and puppies, which they really are right now we will help that shelter out," says Erie.

The Humane Society has been doing this for three years now and they say if "we have a cage and space available we will take them in."

"A couple weeks ago we helped out Omaha, Nebraska and we took in 13 dogs and they got adopted out right away," says Erie.

The shelter says to remember before you adopt to do your homework, if you adopt a puppy make sure you have time to potty train them.

If you get an active dog make sure you have time to take it for a walk, but most importantly remember dogs are a full time commitment and they just want to be loved.

The shelter says they never let people just see the dogs from other shelters because they have several up for adoption.

"So each dog or puppy has their own story to tell and that's they want a home they deserve a home," says Erie.

It's also adopt a cat month at the shelter, adoptions are discounted plus they're giving away a free toy, treats and a pet taxi with every adoption.

When animals are adopted, the adoption fee covers vaccinations, deworming, spay and neuter discount, microchipping and a free veterinary health examination.

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