38th Annual "Winning in Fabulous Wayne America" Chicken Show returns

38th Annual "Winning in Fabulous Wayne America" Chicken show returns

A little bit of heat and humidity couldn't ruffle the feathers of those who flocked to Wayne, Nebraska for their annual chicken show.

Dozens gathered at the 38th Annual Wayne Chicken show which received the 1966 Nebraska Outstanding Tourism Award.

Feathers and Eggshells, the arts and crafts show that hatched into one of the largest and wackiest 3-day chicken themed event.

“We've had Arizona, we've had Colorado, I think I heard Virginia, so we have had people from across the states,” said Irene Fletcher, Assistant Director of Wayne Area Economic Development.

"It draws people in from all over who have never seen chickens, never held a chicken, never pet a chicken, so they get to experience that here for the first time,” said Anna Osten.

Founded in 1981 by the Wayne Regional Council and since then has been awarded for the best community event in Northeast Nebraska.

The show also known for, "We heard that from across the park," the National Cluck Off, and they weren't yolking around.

"It's unique to this little small town and sometimes it’s funny you think it’s about the poultry when it’s actually neat to see how it differs every year,” said Cassandra Lindgren.

An afternoon filled with chickens flying out of mailboxes and people pecking around on the stage.

If you don't think that was hen-entertaining, two blocks down the local fire department joined in with their hoses.

"The whole purpose of the chicken show is to have fun and bring the community together, and a big part of the community is the fire department,” said Montana Hill with the Wayne Fire Department.

Coming here, you know you will have an egg-ceptional time.

If you missed the chicken show today, you still have one more day to take in all in with a car show, egg sling shot contest that will be going on tomorrow in Wayne, Nebraska.

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