49 inch muskie caught in Okoboji

Back on January 30th, Mike Fogarty and his family from Walthill, Nebraska got the catch of a life time.

Fogarty's family, along with their friend and guide, John Grosvenor, thought they were done for the day and started packing up from ice fishing on Lake Okoboji, when one of the rattle reels started running.

Grosvenor says, " Mike set the hook and we knew real soon that he had something special on the other end. The fight seemed to take forever. Wish I had kept track of time. At our first glimpse of this beast I wasn't sure how we were were going to get it through the hole. But...after a long battle we got her through. We removed the hook successfully, took a family photo and got her back down the hole. She said goodbye with a big splash of her tail and water to our faces."

The muskie's measurements came in at 49 in x 26 in.

Grosvenor added, "It was a special day for these kids."

Muskies are out of season and must be released immediately if caught.

Pictures are courtesy of John Grosvenor/ Lake Okoboji Fishing Facebook .

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