7th Annual Dentistry from the Heart provides free dental care

“Dentistry from the Heart”

More than 90 people in need of dental care got it for free today at a Sioux City dental office.

They got that much needed help during the 7th Annual Dentistry from the Heart event at Lilly Family Dentistry. The patients got a variety of dental services ranging from free extractions, fillings, or cleanings.

Recipients say, they've struggled to save enough money for dental care.

“I haven't been to the dentist in 10 years so they made feel good as if I were an insured patient.”

“They are very good people, and I pray they get blessed because it’s such a blessing what they have done for the community,” said a recipient.

Lilly Family Dentistry has donated more than $20,000 dollars in an effort to help people who need dental work.

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