A community in northwest Iowa discusses gun violence

A community in northwest Iowa discusses gun violence

One month after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida and now more discussions are being sparked nationwide about gun violence.

Students are angered and want answers which is why they have been speaking out to stand up for themsleves and for those who have lost their lives.

Members from the Storm Lake community held a meeting to to discuss how to prepare and to find out if they feel prepared for an active shooter situation.

Storm Lake community schools Superintendent Carl Turner says," It's very important in schools that we make connections with kids because I think a lot of the things that happen in schools across the country find that the kids are disconnected from school and I think it's really important that those teachers and administrators try to figure out who those kids are."

In response to a growing mental health issue, the Storm Lake community school district hired a mental health professional to help those kids that are struggling.

The Storm Lake Police Chief also stressed to students that although emergency responders and law enforcement agencies train for the worst, they pray for the best.

Chief Mark Prosser says, "I think communities and organizations train a lot and prepare but I don't think anyone's truly prepared if something like that happens because you hope it doesn't happen here."

When tragedies like the one in Parkland do occur, people want to speak out. Dr. Andrea Frantz is a Professor of Digital Media at Buena Vista and talked about how to do so respectfully and civilly.

She says, "With activism comes discomfort and part of what we are talking about within the classroom and out of it these days is how do we navigate that and how do we negotiate our way through that."

March 14th is the one month anniversary since the Parkland, Florida school shooting. Some students at schools across the nation will take part in a 17 minute walkout starting at 10 AM to protest gun violence.

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