A long Morningside College tradition will soon be a thing of the past

A long Morningside College tradition will soon be a thing of the past

Morningside College is in the process of building their brand new lacrosse field which means big changes for the layout of the campus.

Lacrosse games will be played on a new turf field west of Olsen stadium where track and field throwing events use to be.

And the track and field throwing events are being relocated to the hill across the street from the football stadium.

Morningside's Vice President of Communications Rick Wollman says, "Relocating the track and field throwing events to the top of the hill means that that area will no longer be available as a gathering spot."

Not just any gathering spot, but a place better known as "cheapskate hill", where many people would come and watch football games rather than sit in the stands.

Sophomore football player Nicholas Loya says, "It's just a bummer kind of for everybody. It was king of the one place everyone mutually hung out at for the games."

Xavier Spann is a senior on the football team and says, "I was kind of sad because I'm always playing in the games and after this year I would've been able to be on the hill but it's gone now."

Other students added, "I was really sad because ya know it's really nice to see all of them on the hill during the games."

"At first I was a little bit sad because it's a really fun place and we all have a good time there. We hang out with friends but afterwards I thought that it was maybe a good thing for the football players because now people are going to go to the actually stadium", says sophomore Jorge Loredo.

Even though hanging out on "cheapskate hill" will no longer be a tradition for students, football players aren't worried about losing any fans.

"Morningside football, it's a winning tradition so I think everyone's going to continue to come out and support", says Loya.

Much of the work on "cheapskate hill" should be done in the next few weeks.

The men's and women's lacrosse program at Morningside is set to start in 2020.

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