A popular local bakery is expanding its operations soon

A popular local bakery is expanding its operations soon

Sunkist Bakery on Morningside Avenue says it has received a lot of requests from people who live on the north and west sides to open a store near them.

Now they've started remodeling work on a space on Hamilton Boulevard to do just that.

The new store will even have a drive-thru and serve coffee, lattes and cappuccinos in addition to all the offerings at the Morningside store.

"You know its something everybody wants in the city so we're just trying to provide everybody with a better variety and you know here we see a lot of parents who are in a hurry or are late to work that way they can just drive through and they know what they want a lot of them just want a dozen assorted, so we can get that to them at a faster pace," said Owner and Manager Rick Reyes of Sunkist Bakery

Reyes says the new store should be open by late May or early June allowing him to do some remodeling work at the Morningside location while road construction work takes place there.

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