A recent recantment has a sex abuser trying to get his record expunged

    Siouxland - Sex abuser trying to expunge exchange

    A Siouxland man who entered a plea deal to charges of child sex abuse nearly a decade ago is trying to get his record expunged after his accuser recanted.

    Jacob Schmidt spent more than seven years in prison after admitting in a Woodbury County courtroom that he'd grabbed a younger relative after learning the child and the boy's father were prepared to testify against him and that he faced 35 years in prison if convicted.

    Once the boy turned 21 he admitted the assault had never taken place.

    Schmidt's original motion to have the conviction vacated was denied with the judge saying because he'd pleaded guilty new evidence or not the case could not be re-opened.

    Now Schmidt is appealing to the Iowa Supreme Court which heard arguments on the case today.

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