A virtual reality experience "The Void"

A virtual reality experience "The Void"

These virtual reality places are increasing in popularity. The latest opened in Utah and could soon be coming to numerous states across the US.

People suit up in a vest, helmet, and weapon, and walk through a special door to experience a make-believe world.

"When you go in wearing these goggles and this vest, you don't just see this world around you; you can actually reach out and touch it," described Curtis Hickman, co-founder of The Void.

In this virtual reality world, you become a Ghostbuster. Your job is to fight off the evil ghosts that appear all around you. And you end up face-to-face with the Marshmallow Man.

"We immerse you in it. When you walk in, you are completely untethered in this free and open world that you've stepped into," Hickman said.

The Void teamed up with Sony to bring this Ghostbuster experience.

But this is just one of several they've created. The concept is nearly three years in the making.

Their first location opened up in New York City in May of last year.

Number two opened in Dubai just last month and now The Void is coming to the little Utah County town of Lindon.

"We are here; it just made sense to open something up to let our friends here in Utah really see and experience this amazing technology we've developed," said Hickman.

The secrets of what happens behind these close doors are just that-secrets.

Much of it has to do with magic.

In fact, Hickman worked as a professional magician.

He says magic is a huge part of how this all is brought to life.

"It's all about creating an illusion of reality," he said.

But as high-tech as this experience is, this is just the beginning of what's to come from this kind of virtual reality experience.

"That's probably the most exciting part, is that everything is going to grow and expand and the technology is going to get better and the equipment is going to get smaller and lighter," Hickman said. "This is like the early days of basic video games."

But even now, the technology is so good that it becomes a little too real for customers.

"We've had people leap back and land on the equipment and just start screaming and flaring around," Hickman said.

But that's the reaction The Void is hoping to get as they bring this make-believe world to life.

"It's sort of this mix of actual reality and virtual reality that come together to create a realistic yet impossible experience," Hickman explained.

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