Man accused of killing Pottawattamie Co. Deputy transferred to Woodbury County

Man accused of killing Pottawattamie Co. Deputy transferred to Woodbury County


Court documents say Wesley Correa-Carmenaty "defeated" his cuffs and shackles while being transported to jail after being sentenced for manslaughter. They're not specific about how he did it.

When he got back to that jail, he grabbed a deputy's gun and killed deputy Mark Burbridge. As a result, Today, the 24-year old was transferred here to the Woodbury County Jail.

Wesley Correa-Carmenaty, the man accused of killing a Sheriff's Deputy in Pottawattamie County back at the beginning of May, is now here in Woodbury County after Pottawattamie's Sheriff's office asked to house him here.

"They asked us, we're very glad they asked us," said Tony Wingert, major of the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office, "that they think we can handle it, we have a very close relationship with them and we'll gladly do that."

Back on May 1st, Correa-Carmenaty allegedly tried to escape jail after being senteced to nearly 50 years in prison that day.

The 24 year old is accused of killing Deputy Mark Burbridge in that escape attempt.

Along with this, Correa-Carmenaty allegedly shot a second deputy, only injuring him.

A few days later, it was decided Correa-Carmenaty would be housed here in Woodbury County.

"They've had a terrible week and they do a great job down there but they shouldn't be tasked with that job of housing the inmate," Wingert said.

Correa-Carmenaty was wearing a bullet proof vest for protection as he made his way inside the jail, while members of the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office surrounded the perimeter.

"Our number one concern is the safety and security of everybody," Wingert said. "I mean, from the inmate, to the officers, to the public, so we want to make sure that we're handling every aspect that we can possibly think of. We're very honored to be asked to do this."

Correa-Carmenaty was captured on May first after stealing a prison van... using the van to break through the jail's garage door... then carjacking a woman at gunpoint before being arrested in Omaha.

During a 10-minute initial hearing this morning, Pottawattamie County Attorney, Matt Wilber, requested Carmenaty be held without bond in the Woodbury County Jail.

Formal charges are expected to be read on May 19th.


The man charged with killing a Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Deputy is now back in Iowa, and being housed in Woodbury County Jail.

Wesley Correa-Carmenaty, 24, was transferred to Woodbury County this morning.

That's because of concern for Carmenaty's safety, since housing him in the same jail where he shot two deputies would put him at risk of reprisal.

On May 1st, Carmenaty shot two Pottawattamie County Deputies at the Pottawattamie County Jail while escaping custody.

Deputy Mark Burbridge, 43, a 12 year veteran of the Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Office was killed.

Deputy Pat Moran, a 10 year veteran was injured.

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