Activists call for new detox center in Siouxland

Activists call for new detox center in Siouxland

The Native American activist behind the campaign that ended alcohol sales in Whiteclay, Nebraska last year, is now looking to create a center to help people with substance abuse issues.

Frank LaMere is working with the Siouxland Human Investment Partnership to lobby the Indian Health Service and Federal lawmakers to fund a detox center in Sioux City.

He says the need for services is overwhelming the capacity of existing providers.

Jackson Recovery does a tremendous job. We partner with them, we work very closely with them. We're going to go tour that facility but they can only do so much. The problem still remains on our street. You'll see all these Native Americans who are addicted, in need of healing on our streets," said LaMere.

Iowa Congressman Steve King was also at today's meeting and says he's interested in learning more about the issue.

"I have my ideas, but I think I need to spend more time listening before I'm going to voice those ideas because there's a whole component out here that needs to come from the Native Americans that I want to hear more of. "Historical trauma" was a phrase that Frank LaMere used today that has a whole meaning to me after listening to that today," said King.

A study presented from the University of Iowa projected such a facility would cost nearly $2 million dollars a year to operate.

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